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We are looking for startups to partner with. Diageo has massive operations across India and our needs are exploding day by day. This level of complexity requires a multitude of solutions across our operations

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Open innovation challenges – LIVE!

Distillery Automation Challenge 2022

Diageo India is a Member of the Plugin Alliance – India’s first of it’s kind industry technology Alliance. Diageo India is looking for a Partner to Digitize Diageo’s Whiskey Distillery Production. Both challenges are paid POCs.

Additionally, Startups selected for the challenge will gain access to Plugin Alliance and join our growing community.

Last Date to Apply– 15th SEPTEMBER 2022

1 - Digital wort tester

For IoT-based solution to monitor & analyse Wort Quality. Quality checks to be performed include Grist Ratio | Turbidity | Specific Gravity | Temperature | pH

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2 - Digital fermentation tester

For IoT-based Digital Solutions that can monitor & analyze the fermentation process during Whiskey Production in their Distilleries.

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Solved innovations

End of Line Inspection Automation for Diageo

20 start-ups applied Expired

Track & Trace for CPG/FMCG

42 start-ups applied Expired

Pricing Automation Challenge 2022

14 start-ups applied Expired