Inclusion and diversity

Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of our purpose of ‘celebrating life every day, everywhere.’

At Diageo India, we strive to build the capabilities of the future as well as nurture diverse talent and an inclusive culture. We believe that when employees from diverse backgrounds with different perspectives, capabilities and worldviews come together, it fosters a sense of ‘Equality’, ‘Belonging’, and ‘Openness’ within the organisation and encourages all to bring their true selves to work and voice their opinions freely. 

We are committed to championing Inclusion and Diversity. This is evident from our progressive policies such as the 26-week paid Family Leave Policy and the Wellness Policy, which provides equal medical and leave benefits to all the employees regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity. Because, we truly feel that people’s wellbeing, a stronger sense of belonging, and greater inclusion make for a better world. 

We are dedicated to creating a truly inclusive workplace at Diageo India, where diversity thrives and individuals feel connected to the organisation and one another. The focus on diversity and inclusion makes Diageo India a vibrant and creative place to work.

“Belonging ensures a feeling of connectedness to a community and means that one can bring their authentic self to work. It is about creating a work culture where we can amplify people’s voices, clear out barriers and appreciate each other for our unique backgrounds.”

Hina Nagarajan
Hina Nagarajan

MD & CEO, Diageo India