Our Inclusive Policies

In our endeavour to foster a healthy environment, and to build a diverse and inclusive culture, we have announced the following policies for our people.

Inclusive Insurance & Gender Transition Support Wellness Policy

Our Inclusive Insurance & Gender Transition Support Wellness Policy covers the expenses related to gender reassignment surgery for all our employees. To ensure the wellbeing of our people, we have insurance plans that reimburse the expenses of Sterility treatment (within FSI), IVF (OPD), Hormone therapy, and Immunotherapy. We cover the cost of Cervical Cancer Vaccination for our women employees as per the IRDA guidelines.

Equal Parenting Leave Policy

The “Family Leave Policy,” which encompasses surrogacy, adoption, and biological conception is applicable to all eligible employees. This policy provides equal maternity and paternity leave benefits to new parents in the event of child birth or adoption, regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity. Both male and female parents can avail leave up to 182 calendar days (26 weeks).