Progressive Workplace Practices

Becoming the flag bearer of inclusion and diversity begins at home. The first step in this direction is to create a truly inclusive, vibrant, and creative workplace at Diageo India. Diageo India has achieved the same through:

INC Week - The Flagship Event

INC Week is a testament to our inclusion and diversity efforts. It is a celebration that reinforces an all-encompassing culture within the organisation. It empowers every individual to find his/her unique voice and encourages all of us to open our hearts to listen, learn, and connect better.

The week-long celebrations include interesting panel discussions with people from across the world and conversations about real-life experiences. It also features stories of how Diageo India offers its employees an open and inclusive environment conducive to their growth.

Pride Month

As an effort to carry forward the practice of allyship, Diageo India observes Pride Month all through June every year. This year, as a part of our celebrations, we released an educational series to spread awareness on stereotypes, biases, and the importance of Pride Month for everyone, as an individual as well as a community.  

Light Up Purple

In an effort to create a more all-encompassing workspace, Diageo India’s Project Saksham fosters the thoughts of an inclusive and diverse work culture. This initiative includes sensitisation sessions for managers and team members as well as sessions to build capability and skill enhancements for People with Disabilities (PWDs). It also includes conducting infrastructure audits of our sites. In addition to this, it creates a robust onboarding process to seamlessly include the new joiners from the PWD community into the organisation. 

Today, Diageo India has approximately 64 people with disabilities across four manufacturing facilities. Project Saksham has helped boost their confidence and enhanced their soft skills. It has also given them the opportunity to contribute to the manufacturing process of our iconic brand.