12 JAN 2011

12 JAN 2011 Press release

Indian fusion music achieves yet another echelon – Antiquity presents Antiquity Club Fusion 2011

Hyderabad, January 12, 2011: Antiquity, the fusion of the finest from India and the World enthralled music fanatics to a foot tapping fusion extravaganza presented by DJ Diamond and DJ Whosane at the Antiquity Club Fusion Tour 2011! The act at Hyderabad witnessed the blend of two iconic artists, treating music lovers to fusion music at its best! 

DJ Whosane! created magic with the variety of music he excels in- from harmonic progression of the base to a journey of foot-stomping, heart pounding across-the-border house music, from classics to pop and bollywood. DJ Whosane! gave a whole new twist to music, creating an eclectic blend of a melody that is distinctly his own. 
Adding to the fact that he creates exceptional music that sends you into a trance, he has also pioneered the dance scene in India. DJ Whosane! has played a major role in making the relatively unknown term “Disc Jockey” a term that individuals reckon with and respect.

To unite melodies with DJ Whosane! and create a night of absolute exhilaration, the concert featured DJ Diamond, the queen of the music scene in the US. The fusion of the two music styles created an absolutely electrifying atmosphere – making the night truly one to remember!

A graduate in Sports Medicine, DJ Diamond is also an ardent fan of the performing arts and music is her forte. She has graced turn tables and left the audience spellbound in over 35 countries. A true image of beauty with brains, DJ Diamond also produces original tracks when she is not touring countries. Her first 2 releases “God is a DJ” and “Just a girl” have been pumping crowds across the globe.

“Fusion music, as a genre, changed everything concerned with music and by introducing 2 of the most talented DJ’s in the world, antiquity is all set to change the music scene in the country.” said Debashish Shyam, Business Head, United Spirits Limited. “Fusion has been a form of music with a steady fan following and we at antiquity want to bring to our audience an experience so supreme that it is bound to create a strong impression. With DJ Hussein and DJ Diamond we hope to enhance music to a whole new echelon, thus uniting India with the world and providing the country with the finest blend of music.”

The highlight of the evening at each of the location was a special composition performed by DJ Diamond and DJ Whosane. The mind blowing culmination of India uniting with the world was brought to the audience in a twenty minute fusion so spectacular that it left the audience craving for more.

Going forward this gig promises to be the ultimate fusion of the best Indian crossover and Western electro, funky house, progressive to hard trance by DJ Whosane! and DJ Diamond. They come together to create a magical culmination of sounds and melodies across four more music-crazy cities – Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata.


About Antiquity

Antiquity is a brand with an ever-increasing number of loyal patrons for the brand across the country. It was launched in 1992 as the finest fusion of rare Scotch and the best Indian malts. Antiquity remains the only super premium brand in the country that offers the finest of both worlds. The brand is well-appreciated for its exquisitely unique packaging and smooth blend. Antiquity has always been associated with the finest of experiences bringing together culture defining acts that when absorbed together offer the most unique experience. 

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