27 JAN 2010

27 JAN 2010 Press release

McDowell Signature Indian Derby 2010

Mumbai, January 27, 2010: McDowell Signature Indian Derby, the country’s most exalted race and the most awaited fashion event of the year, announces bolder excitement and higher stakes at its 2010 edition, with a prize purse of over Rs. 2 crores. Underlining its signature style of edgy, unparalleled thrill, the McDowell Signature Indian Derby returns to Mumbai on February 6 & 7, at the Mahalaxmi Race Course, as the city braces itself in preparation of its tryst with the biggest sporting and glamour event of India. The Bold and the Beautiful, the racing enthusiasts and the rookies, will witness with bated breath as some of the finest thorough-breds race each other to the glorious top-prize- a record Rs. 1.25 crore – the highest prize ever given to the winner of a horse race. Signature international entertainment acts, top-of-the-game fashion czars, and the electric fervor of the racing enthusiasts- all make the McDowell Signature Indian Derby 2010, an event that truly cannot be missed.

S.D. Lalla, Joint President, United Spirits Limited, said, “McDowell Signature Indian Derby is the much awaited and electrifying confluence of sport, fashion, fun and high-energy excitement. During the 26 years of our association, we have ensured that the McDowell Signature Indian Derby has evolved as one of the most celebrated Derby events in the world. With a prize purse of over Rs 2 crores, we have given the country, its richest individual sporting event. The Indian Derby has arrived; and McDowell Signature Indian Derby 2010 celebrates this achievement with unprecedented thrill and entertainment”.

“Saddle Up”, launched last year after Dr Mallya’s legendary horse, has been named the Signature cocktail for the McDowell Signature Indian Derby. Keeping with the Derby traditions worldwide, this Signature whisky based cocktail will be a special summer cocktail which will be served at the Derby every year. As temperatures soar with the glitz and glam at the McDowell Signature Indian Derby, Saddle up will refresh the racing spirit.

Vivek Jain, Chairman, Royal Western India Turf Club (RWITC) said, “McDowell Signature Indian Derby 2010 redefines Indian sport. For the first time ever the winner of a race takes away over Rs.1.25 crore as prize money. India’s best horses and the best riding talent, including a number of the topmost international jockeys will be a part of this year’s derby. The UB Group always brings a special dimension to the day, and we at the RWITC hope to make it truly a spectacular weekend.”

Class acts by internationally-renowned performers over the 2-day event will include a special appearance by Michael Jackson himself! Be prepared to watch in awe as entertainer Glenn Jackson brings the king back to life with his jaw-dropping rendition of the unforgettable moves. Europe’s leading illusionist will surely trick logic and make you believe in magic, as he performs his best acts at the Derby. Linger on, to savour some more out of the world music, by internationally-acclaimed vocalist ‘Kaiya’ who will perform a tribute to Tina Turner. 

The custom-designed 16000 sq ft air-conditioned hanger will host all the performances and entertainment acts for the McDowell Signature Indian Derby 2010, including carnival bazaar, flea market, Spiritz&More, etc.

One lucky patron will win a Mercedez car at the Derby Sweepstakes this year at the McDowell Signature Indian Derby. In addition, two cars can be won on both Saturday and Sunday.


About McDowell’s Signature Rare Whisky:

McDowell’s Signature Rare Whisky is amongst the leading brands in the premium whisky segment, and the latest millionaire brand (sales of over a million cases) in the United Spirits portfolio. It is a 16 year old brand with a full-bodied blend and a well-rounded bouquet of peated malts and a generous infusion of Scotch. Signature is young, stylish and has become a sign of discernment.

Exquisite whiskies from Scotland are combined perfectly with the finest aged Indian malts. This is blended for an extended period of time to ensure the essence of various scotches, each adding its distinct flavor, in every sip.

About United Spirits Limited (USL)

United Spirits Limited (USL) is the INR 5700 crore spirits arm of the UB Group. USL was earlier McDowell and Company Limited and before that McDowell Spirits Limited. USL is headquartered in Bangalore with a global footprint and has over 7500 employees across various locations. USL has a portfolio of more than 140 brands, of which 18 are millionaire brands* and has manufacturing and bottling units in 74 locations across the country.

USL represents the merged entities of erstwhile McDowell & Co. Limited, Phipson Distillery Limited, United Spirits Limited, Herbertsons Limited, Triumph Distillers and Vintners Private Limited, Baramati Grape Industries Limited, United Distillers India Limited, McDowell International Brands Limited and Shaw Wallace Distilleries Limited. The erstwhile McDowell & Co. Limited was first established as a proprietary business in 1826. For detailed information, please visit www.unitedspirits.in