Women Empowerment

We believe in the larger purpose of businesses going beyond numbers. At Diageo, making a meaningful difference in the lives of people we live and work with is embedded in our business model as well as our culture and philosophy.

No community can thrive and no progress can be sustained without the inclusion and equal participation of women. Even though women are critical to global progress, and to the development of every nation, women remain among the most uneducated and under-empowered constituents of the world population.

We are committed to empowering women across all socio-economic profiles, particularly in the developing world and in India where women make up only 24-29% of the workforce, among the lowest in the world. Empowering one woman through education and learning means she will benefit four more around her, something which is known as the ‘multiplier effect’.

Our education and learning initiatives provide women with an enabling environment to nurture their inherent potential, and also give them access to resources to ensure inclusive growth and holistic progress.

With many inspiring success stories, our women empowerment initiatives have become a driving force for transforming disadvantaged women into empowered human beings contributing to society in equal measure along with men.

These programmes are targeted at women and adolescent girls particularly those living in the communities around our manufacturing plants, to provide them with employable skills training to enhance their livelihoods and augment their economic empowerment.

Building communities

Project S.H.E (Security. Health. Education) is a grass-root programme to benefit communities around our bottling plants, which are situated in semi-urban and rural areas, and which lack the basic infrastructure necessary for a dignified living. S.H.E focuses on:

  • Ensuring Water Security: Making clean drinking water available
  • Ensuring Community Health: Providing preventive care and healthcare for women, young mothers and adolescent girls
  • Providing Education: Imparting training in employable skills

Project S.H.E has benefited over 50,000 people in the villages around our plants in Bhopal, Gopalpur, Alwar, Puducherry, Orissa and Udaipur. The programme aims at giving villagers access to clean drinking water; promoting basic sanitation through water conservation;  primary health care and training in employable skills.

Access to drinking water is being undertaken through installation of RO water purification systems and borewells. Similarly, water conservation is being undertaken by construction of soak pits, check dams and rainwater harvesting structures. Our pond desilting projects have enhanced their storage capacity and improved the water tables in those areas.

Empowering women

At Diageo, we believe no progress can be sustained without the inclusion and equal participation of women. We remain wholeheartedly committed to empowering women in our society and communities, and enabling them to realise their true potential. This is why our internal diversity programme has seen more women in leadership roles within Diageo.

To help women from marginalised backgrounds become self-reliant and integrated into the mainstream of progress, we have partnered with the British Council of India to run The Young Women Social Entrepreneurship Development Programme (YWSEDP). The module developed by the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Kozhikode, is focussed on building social enterprise skills and the skills practically needed for running a business. These include management, finance, communications, leadership, marketing and fundraising. The programme began in 2014 and has trained 60 Master Trainers from NGOs and institutes, who in turn, have trained over 4,000 women till date.